Gujarat Gaun Seva Pasandgi Mandal (GSSSB) Nayab Nirikshak, Havaldar Instructor and Sub Inspector Instructor Physical Test Call Letter 2023

Gujarat Gaun Seva Pasandgi Mandal (GSSSB) Nayab Nirikshak, Havaldar Instructor and Sub Inspector Instructor Physical Test Call Letter 2023 (Maru Gujarat Job Updates)

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Details For Nayab Nirikshak:-

Nayab Nirikshak is a title used in Gujarat, India for a government official who holds a supervisory position in a department or agency. The exact responsibilities of a Nayab Nirikshak will vary depending on the department or agency in which they work, but they are generally responsible for overseeing the work of lower-level employees and ensuring that tasks are completed according to established policies and procedures.

A Nayab Nirikshak may be responsible for:

  • Supervising the work of junior employees and providing guidance and direction as needed
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of employees
  • Assisting with the development and implementation of policies and procedures
  • Conducting investigations and audits to ensure compliance with regulations and policies
  • Preparing and submitting reports to higher-level managers and officials

The eligibility criteria for Nayab Nirikshak exam is a graduate degree, and candidate must be a citizen of India and meet the age and physical requirements as set by the Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC). It is considered as a higher-level position in the Gujarat state civil service, and can be a stepping stone to more senior positions such as Assistant Superintendent or Assistant Director.

Details For Havaldar Instructor :-

A Havaldar Instructor is a non-commissioned officer (NCO) in the Indian army who holds the rank of Havaldar (equivalent to sergeant in other militaries) and has been specifically trained to instruct and train soldiers in various skills and tasks. The Havaldar instructor is responsible for providing guidance, instruction and training to soldiers, and enforcing discipline and adherence to regulations.

Some of the responsibilities of a Havaldar Instructor may include:

  • Supervising and training soldiers in basic military skills such as weapons handling, drill, and physical fitness
  • Ensuring that soldiers are prepared for field training exercises and operations
  • Conducting inspections and evaluations of soldiers’ performance and readiness
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of training programs and plans
  • Maintaining training records and preparing reports on the progress and performance of soldiers
  • Ensuring that all training activities are conducted in accordance with established safety procedures
  • Enforcing discipline and maintaining order among soldiers under their supervision

Havaldar instructors are considered to be leaders within the army and are responsible for setting a good example in terms of discipline, soldiering and adherence to regulations. They are usually appointed from Havaldar and above rank holders, promotion to this post is based on seniority, merit, and performance.

Details For Sub Inspector Instructor

A Sub Inspector Instructor is a police officer who is responsible for training and instructing new police officers. They may also be responsible for training and supervising existing officers in specific areas such as firearms, crowd control, or traffic management. The role of the Sub Inspector Instructor is to ensure that police officers are well-trained and equipped to perform their duties effectively and safely.

In addition to training new officers, a Sub Inspector Instructor may also be responsible for developing and updating training materials and curriculum, as well as monitoring and evaluating the progress of trainees. They may also be responsible for maintaining records of training and certifications, and ensuring that officers are in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

The Sub Inspector Instructor may also be involved in the selection and recruitment of new police officers. They may conduct interviews and assess the qualifications and suitability of candidates for the position.

In some cases, a Sub Inspector Instructor may also be involved in ongoing professional development for existing officers, such as providing advanced training in specialized areas of policing.

In summary, Sub Inspector Instructor is an experienced police officer who is responsible for the training and development of new and existing officers. They play a vital role in ensuring that the police force is well-trained, equipped and able to perform their duties effectively and safely.

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